Your photo experience

As a horse owner, you know that your horse is one of the most important individuals in your life. That special bond you have with your horse is unique, and only you can really explain why. No matter the shape, size, colour or breed, each animal has a unique character and temperament.

On your wall at home you will probably have family photos, maybe wedding or holiday photos. Have you ever considered having photos of you and your horse up there as well?

A photo session with Paarden In Beeld is a unique opportunity to create the kind of images of you and your horse that you would love on your wall. Each photo experience is unique and each photo experience can be completely tailor made to your needs and desires.

All your images will capture the character, beauty and relationship you have with your horse. Whether in the saddle, on the ground, or in the stable. From the smallest details through to the bigger picture, everything is considered for your photo experience. I will join you at your stable or an alternative location chosen by you and create stunning images.

Your photo experience will last around 2 hours. This allows me time to get to know you and your horse make photos of him prior to you riding, and then later riding photos if you wish. I do use flash lighting for some photos, and I allow time to let the horse become accustomed to this.

Before your photo experience I will contact you to discuss the style of photos you would like and your vision, and where they might appear in your home. Its also good to think about whether you would like to be photographed in your casual riding clothes or if you would like to create something all together more stunning like wearing your favourite going out attire or maybe even a dress (not for riding of course!) Then of course there is your horse - plaited or not? Bareback or with a saddle - so many choices!

If you have a vision or ideas for the photos you would like, I am more than happy to work with these. Alternatively have a look at my galleries and let me know if there are any specific “must have” images. Any of your images can be made in colour, black and white or with a vintage style to them. 

I am happy to photograph one horse/one rider. But if you have more than one horse, or there are a few of you interested in a shoot at one location please contact me to discuss, I would be happy to organise this for you.

I absolutely love photographing horses and their owners. 

My passion will be clear in your photos and I hope you will fall in love with your horse or pony all over again when I share your images with you after your shoot.

I look forward to meeting you and your four legged friend soon.

Please contact me to arrange your photo experience

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0627085616